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Two billion copies of 2000AD were printed each week, published in ten thousand different languages[1][2].

Behind the ScenesEdit

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2000AD is a British comic, first published in 1977 by IPC Magazines Ltd, which was then renamed or bought out by Fleetway. Following the Maxwell scandal it was bought by Rebellion, who publish it to this day.

Printing FormatEdit

Changes in prog sizes [3]
Prog numberdimensions in mmdimensions in inches
1 to 109240 x 2809.5 x 11
110 to 127215 x 2808.5 x 11
128 to 519240 x 2809.5 x 11
520 to 1032230 x 3009 x 11.75
1033 to 1199210 x 3008.25 x 11.75
1200 to 1370195 x 3007.75 x 11.75
1371 to present210 x 2808.25 x 11



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