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Guidelines Edit

Hello and welcome to the 2000AD wiki!

Here are a few tips to encourage a usable and well-maintained wiki.

  • As the main focus of the wiki is on the stories contained within 2000AD and related publications, unless otherwise stated, all articles are 'in universe' (though there are multiple fictional universes in 2000AD, i.e. the Dreddverse, the Edingtonverse, the Smithverse - at some point we shall have to decide on an effective way to differentiate the different 'verses, possibly through either the infox the categorisation system).
  • Speaking of categorisation - these aid in navigation, but only when used correctly.  Be careful not to over-categorise, for example, as Category:Stickleback characters is a sub-category of Category:2000AD characters there is no need to put the article Miss Scarlet in both categories - just the first will suffice.
  • Use references: we are not telling stories or creating fictional universes, we are recording those that have already been published and creating an encyclopaedia for easy reference. As such, when making statements, be careful to give a reference to back up the statement.
  • For in universe articles always use the past tense, even for stories which are currently running.  If we used the past tense, then the moment the series finished then we would have to go through all related articles purely to change the tense.  As of writing, this wiki has 63 pages. There are an average of five stories in each of the 1800+ progs of 2000AD, most pages of which contain at least one location and a number of named, speaking characters - we have our work cut out for us without superfluous editing of pages!  In narrative terms, this means that the mode of narration to be used is third-person omniscient in the past tense.
  • Stub articles are articles which only cover the bare bones and which need more work on them. They are not merely short articles which will never get longer. An article which describes a named character who is only seen briefly is not a stub article, however short it is, as long as it covers everything that will realistically be written about that character.
  • When uploading images, please make sure you specify the copyright status (usually that the image is copyrighted and will be used in accordance with US law).

We are not affiliated to Rebellion Publications, IDW Publications or any other license holders.

Sheridan (talk) 01:13, May 18, 2013 (UTC)

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