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2099 was a year in the 2090s. In this year:




Stories set in 2099Edit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Judge Dredd stories published in 1977 in 2000AD were set in the year 2099.


  1. Judge Dredd: The Brotherhood of Darkness, 2000AD Prog 4
  2. Judge Dredd: Antique Car Heist, 2000AD Prog 8
  3. Judge Dredd: Robot Wars
  4. Supercover Saga: The Plague from Pluto2000AD Prog 23
  5. Judge Dredd: Mutie the Pig Part One, 2000AD Prog 34
  6. Judge Dredd: Red Christmas, 2000AD Prog 44
  7. Judge Dredd (series): The Judge Child Part 7, 2000AD Prog 162
  8. Judge Dredd (series): Cry of the Werewolf Part 2, 2000AD Prog 323
  9. Judge Dredd (series): Child Prodigy
  10. Judge Dredd (Daily Star) strip 27, Annual Swim, 1982
  11. Judge Dredd (series): Block-Out at the Crater Bowl, 2000AD Sci-Fi special 1983
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