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2104 was a year in the 2100s. In this year:

  • the most influential event to take place was the Apocalypse War, which had lasting effects on the world of Judge Dredd.
  • Judges Dredd, Feiffer and Rourke cornered Slab Tynan, all three shooting at once and sending Tynan to The Vaults under the Grand Hall of Justice[1].


  • The Apocalypse War was declared by East Meg One upon Mega-City One, initially by means of introducing the Block Mania chemical to the water supply[2].
  • Block Mania[3].
  • Earth in alternate dimension destroyed
  • Sov-Blok invasion of Mega-City One, population of Mega-City One reduced from 800,000,000 to 400,000,000
  • East Meg One destroyed with the loss of 500,000,000 lives
  • 65% of Mega-City One rendered uninhabitable[4]



  • SJS Chief McGruder becomes Chief Judge McGruder of Mega-City One



The following stories were set in the year 2104:

Real World[]

Dreddworld stories published in 2000AD and most stories published in the Daily Star in 1982 were set in the year 2104.


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