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2105 was a year in the 2100s. In this year:


  • 31st October: mutants entered Mega-City One to carry out raids and murders on mega-citizens under the guise of trick or treat[4].


  • Astro-Galactic Wildlife Conservation Year[1]
  • Judge Feiffer was shot by Slab Tynan, time travelling from a point at least thirty years in the future, Rourke was also shot though Judge Dredd activated an explosive charge which had been implanted in this year, sending Tynan to the The Vaults where the 2105 version was also kept under the Grand Hall of Justice[5].
  • Harold Makepeace Went was revived, having been placed in suspended animation in 2005, leaving instructions to be revived in exactly one hundred years[6].


  • Judge Glennon[7]
  • Judge Salvador[8]
  • Judge Feiffer[5]
  • Judge Eustace[4]
  • Judge Simon[9]
  • Arnold Stodgman[10]



  • 12th Annual All-Mega-City Block-Out Final[11]
  • 27th Heavyweight Eating Championships[10]


The following stories were set in the year 2105:

Real World[]

Dreddworld stories published in 2000AD and most stories published in the Daily Star in 1983 were set in the year 2105.


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