Aeroball was a game played worldwide in the year 2050. It combined elements of football, boxing, kung-fu and basketball. Most teams played with body armour, the notable exception being the Harlem Heroes, whose lack of armour increased their dexterity[1].

The steel aeroball itself was filled with helium gas.

The sport later waned in popularity, at around the time that Inferno became popular[2].


  • An aeroball team must have a minimum of seven players[3]
  • Any player hitting the electrified prods surrounding the score-holes of the tanks would be sent to the penalty pen for three minutes[4].
  • Kicking another player in the back of the neck was a foul[4].
  • 37: A team isn't allowed to bring on substitutes until the squad has been reduced to four players[5].
  • 59: Computronic players must reduce their energy output to human levels during the game[6].
  • Rule change 30 - the Bushido Blades used wooden kendo swords to smash the ball[7].
  • there was 'nothing in the rules' which said that robots can't be used in aeroball[8].

Notable teams[]

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