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Annie Parkhouse (née Halfacree) is a British letterer who has been working in the industry since 1970[1].

Annie's mother worked for the Carlisle printers who dealt with IPC Publications. The managing director of the print company took Annie to London, initially taking her to the fashion magazines, but giving her a job as bodger for Lion. As part of her job was to do correcting lettering, she was experienced when a piece of work came in which required urgent lettering. In 1972 she became a freelance letterer. She has also worked at an architect's office, at the same time as working on comics[1].

She is married to Steve Parkhouse, and his are the only comics she reads outside of work. In the past she worked on a comics adaptation of Quatermass[1].

Annie trained as a kinesiologist and does a lot of technical reading relating to this[1].

It has been estimated that she has provided lettering for approaching 2,000 stories in 2000AD and related publications[2].



  • Eagle Award for lettering