William Alfred Savage[1] was a lorry driver whose vehicle was requisitioned by the Volgans in 1999 while he was in the North of England. By the time he had hitched back to London from the north, a stray shell from a tank had destroyed his house, killing his wife and children. In the ruins of his house he found a shotgun, just as a Volgan patrol vehicle turned the corner. He took the opportunity to shoot the Volgans[2].

He was observed by Lieutenant Silk wiping out a Volgan tank crew in a South London pub, before destroying their tank[3].

Silk tracked Savage and attempted to recruit him to The Resistance in a transport cafe off the A11, but only succeeded after Savage had to save the lives of Silk and his team[4].



Before the InvasionEdit

Savage knew the area around New Cross[7] and made deliveries to Doomsdale Nuclear Research Station[8].

He frequented the Black Knight Garage and was friends with its owner, Mick[9].

Behind the ScenesEdit

Savage's family background details differ in their presentation between Invasion! and Savage, most notably with the name and supposed date of death of his son, Kelvin (in Invasion!) or Vinnie (in Savage)[6], though in Tank Trap he repeatedly mentions having multiple sons who were killed by the Volgans[10].

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