"Body Sharking - illegal dealing in the bodies of living humans - possesses the highest growth rate among Mega-City One's organised crime rackets. Statistically, one citizen in every four will have dealings with a body shark during his lifetime.[2]"

Body Sharks was the first of a series of eight Judge Dredd stories looking at the Mega-Rackets.


Part One[3][]

In the year 2103, dying citizens span their last hours into years at cut-price homes for the semi-dead.

Mr and Mrs Heinz approached body sharkers operating out of one of the homes for a 5,000 cred loan in order to bribe a foreman to get a job with Hilda Heinz as security.  Meanwhile, the Mungo Brothers negotiated a 100,000 cred loan to finance a heist with their mother as security.  The relatives were placed in suspended animation. If the loan installments weren't paid they would never awake.

On the day of the heist they found out too late that the bullion van was too heavy for the flying forklift which they had hired. Spotting Judge Dredd, they cannot escape as the forks have jammed.

Not only did Heinz not get the job, but another unsuccessful applicant stole his bribe money.

Part Two[4][]

Unable to make the payments, Heinz tried to steal money to make the payments, though was caught.by the resident of the Hardy Kruger Block apartment he tried to steal from. The judges were called while Heinz was being assaulted. Having had Heinz's situation explained, Dredd decided to use him to find the location of the body bank.

Two days later the body sharks kidnapped Heinz and despite precautions the judges managed to follow them to the body bank. Arresting both those running the operation and those who had been held as security, Dredd found himself at a dead end, as it was not worth the mobsters lives to talk.


  • Mr Heinz
  • Judge Dredd
  • Hilda Heinz
  • Remington Ratner
  • Mort
  • Mungo Brothers, including Vince Mungo (killed)
  • Old Widow Mungo / Ma Mungo (killed)
  • Sedgewick, Hedgewick, Fuster & Frome, lawyers
  • Robosurgeon


  • Ratners Rest Home for the Semi-Dead, Pellmell Street
  • Xyklobs Factory
  • Hardy Kruger Block
  • Judge Dredd's office
  • Mega-Way South
  • District 51 Undercut


  • Micro-tracer, a minute tracer which was activated by a sonic pulse-activated circuit breaker[5].


  • Flying Forklift
  • Mopad


Food and Drink[]

  • Shampaine, beverage


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