Savage teams up with Rocker and Ryan in the midlands to wipe out a military convoy. The Volgans have cracked the resistance radio codes, and hired a bounty hunter to kill the three men. He kills the leaders from the midlands and lures Savage to the same place. Almost meeting his match, Savage throws a wanted poster at Quarry's windscreen, blinding the bounty hunter for long enough for him to drive into a stone quarry[1].

Recurring Characters[]

Bill Savage[]

Savage is the leader of the Resistance group known as the Mad Dogs.

Other characters[]

Michael Rocker & James Ryan[]

Rocker and Ryan each run key Resistance groups in the midlands. They are lured into a trap by Quarry, and killed.[2]


Quarry is a bounty hunter in the employ of the Volgans. He is killed when Savage tricks him into driving into a quarry.[2]


Arts and Culture[]


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