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Carlos Sanchez Ezquerra was a comic artist most famous for co-creating Judge Dredd.

In 1977 Pat Mills and John Wagner brought Ezquerra in to produce concept sketches and art for the strip in the forthcoming comic 2000AD. Due to the futuristic setting he depicted, the strip was pushed from 1990s New York (near-future at the time) to late 21st century Mega-City One.


Prog 3 back cover, art by Carlos Ezquerra

Ezquerra drew a pilot episode regarding a bank robbery, which was not used at the time as, in the wake of precursor comic Action having been banned, it was deemed too violent. The last page was used as a back page poster on Prog 3 and the rest of the pilot episode would later see print [2].

Despite co-creating the character and setting, the first published Judge Dredd story was Judge Whitey, with art by Mike McMahon. Because of this, Ezquerra refused to continue work on the story.[3]

In addition to the series he has created, he also co-created characters who went on to star in series which were illustrated by other people, such as Janus Psi-Division and Durham Red[1].



  • Inkpot Award for Achievement (San Diego Comic Con 2015)


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