Cassandra Anderson was a telepath and was considered Psi-Division's best operator[1].


Born in 2080[2], Cassandra Anderson came to the attention of Justice Department when she psychically killed her abusive father at the age of three.  Psi-Division blocked her memories and inducted her into the Division as a cadet[3]

In the year 2096, as part of her cadet training, Anderson investigated a case or organ harvesting[4].

Trying to help Judge Logan recover from the touch of Judge Mortis, she saw a premonition of the mansion in which P J Maybe held Dark Judges Mortis, Fire and Fear[5].


In the 2000AD Judge Dredd universe, Anderson displayed the following abilities:

  • Telepathy[1]
  • Precognition

Dredd: The Card Game[]

Cassandra Anderson could be used to modify the Dark Judges ability score downwards and to contain a Dark Judge[6].


In the IDW Judge Dredd universe, Judge Anderson displayed the following abilities:


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Real World[]

Brian Bolland allegedly based Anderson's appearance on Debbie Harry[8].

When Brett Ewins illustrated Four Dark Judges he was told by the editors of 2000AD to emulate Bolland's style, eventually leading to his leaving the strip[9].