Envoy Larionov and Judge Pax visited Mega-City One for a clandestine meeting with Chief Judge Hershey to discuss the situation regarding repatriation of citizens of East-Meg Two descent. The meeting was interrupted by a sniper attack, seemingly aimed at Larionov.

Dredd and Pax gave chase, Pax using Hershey's Lawmaster while an H-wagon captured the sniper. The sniper managed to escape, crashed the H-wagon and stole one of the complement of lawmasters in the process.

Having cornered the sniper in a mall, Pax and Dredd discovered that the sniper is a cyborg.

The cyborg had been made untraceable, with no records of fingerprints, facial recognition, DNA or retinal scans. All equipment had been tailor-made, also untraceable. Psi-Judge Echolette confirmed that the mind of the sniper had been wiped.

The Mega-City Judges and Pax brought in Larionov, seemingly to allow him to witness the psi-scan, though in reality the sniper had already been scanned, and Echolette was instead scanning him, to confirm Pax's suspicion that he had hired the sniper to assassinate Hershey.

Pax recommended that Larionov be sent back to East-Meg Two and requested that she defect, an action that Dredd endorsed, impressed by her actions in the pursuit.


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