Dan Dare was a Commander in 2177. He had been an early spacer who had survived into the 22nd century by suspended animation. Surviving the destruction of the Sirius by something from Jupiter, he stowed away on board a ship passing by Jupiter, the Odyssey, commanded by Mr Monday[1].

Investigating the planet, he found the Biogs, who he successfully fought.

After the Battle of Jupiter, he returned to to the Luna Base, where he was court martialled, though resolved to find out who had sent the Biogs to the solar system after visiting Mr Monday's people on Mars[2].

Real WorldEdit

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Dan Dare was used as part of the first line-up of 2000AD stories to give a boost to the comic's publicity. As well as the relaunched Eagle comic in the 1980s, he would later be used in the first issue of Revolver.


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