Dan Dare was the original lead strip in the comic 2000AD when it was launched in 1977.

Recurring Characters[]

Dan Dare[]

Dan Dare is a heroic space pilot of extraordinary ability, and an inspiring leader. He hails from the dawn of space exploration, but suffered terrible injuries and was put into suspended animation until the 22nd century when scientists could rebuild his body.

The Mekon[]

The Mekon is a small green alien from the planet Mekonta who travels around on a levitating chair. He is Dare's arch-enemy.

Great Bear[]

Bear is an ex-Russian cosmonaut, who was kicked out for his tendency towards extreme violence.


Hitman is a space explorer who, after an accident in the vacuum of space, now has his gun fused to his hand. He is an expert marksman with it.

Pilot Polanski[]

'Pilot' Polanski is an ace pilot recruited by Dare to fly his Space Fortress.

Spanner McVitie[]

Spanner McVitie is the chief engineer on the Fortress.

List of Stories[1][]