Devil's Island was a huge traffic island in the middle of a vast inter-city highway complex in Mega-City One. Criminals who commit serious crimes are placed there as it is surrounded by computer-controlled lorries which travel past at 200 miles an hour, day and night.

This huge traffic island in the middle of a vast intercity megway complex gained its name when it was turned into a prison for lawbreakers who had committed serious crimes. Escape is impossible because the island is surrounded by computer-controlled juggernauts which thunder past in a continual stream at a minimum speed of 200 miles per hour.[1].

In 2099, the judge-killer Whitey was marooned there by Judge Dredd[2].

After Chaos Day but prior to New Year's Day, 2144 it had become obsolete. Despite suggestions to turn it into welfare housing it became the Devil's Island Museum[3].


2000 AD and Devil's Island copyright Rebellion Developments Ltd A/S 2022


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