Part OneEdit

Savage and Silk ambushed a Volg convoy on a remote Scottish border road. The convoy was carrying plans for the liquidation of The Gorbals Ghetto. The ghetto being a walled-off area where all the Scottish fighters had been imprisoned. Savage and Silk infiltrated the ghetto, showed the plans to the Scots there, and got them to start making weapons[2].

Part TwoEdit

The Volgans attacked the ghetto but the Scots, led by Savage, were prepared, striking back, defeating the attackers and arming themselves in the process[3].

Part ThreeEdit

The Volgs used an army of convicted criminals from Barlinnie Prison, known as 'The Barlinnie Brigade', armed with flamethrowers to attack the rebels. Savage used firetrucks to form a barricade, and then used the ladders to climb over the fire and drop down amongst the attackers. Savage and his rebels defeated the Barlinnie Brigade, then donned their uniforms to surprise the Volgans, thereby defeating them as well. They took Volgan vehicles and escaped from Glasgow towards the Scottish Highlands[4].

Part FourEdit

On the Highland road, Savage's convoy was attacked by a Volgan jet, but Savage lured the jet into some power cables. A Volgan convoy was close behind them on the road, so they left behind a couple of their strongest fighters who had been wounded to hold the pass long enough for Savage & Silk to get away[5].

Part FiveEdit

With Savage and Silk now above the snowline, the Volgans called in a squad of elite ski-troops. Savage & Silk took refuge in an abandoned ski lodge. Savage saw animal tracks in the snow and lured the Volgans into a room being used as a den by a pack of wildcats. The wildcats killed the ski-troops while Savage & Silk escaped north to meet up with more Resistance fighters[6].



Science and TechnologyEdit






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