Following the crash of a hover freighter carrying the priceless treasures of Liberace's tomb as well as five judge clones sent by Mega-City One as a gift to Texas City, Dredd enlists Mean Machine Angel to help him in the search for the judge clones in the rad-lands north of Texas city. Using brain surgery the judges make him temporarily confuse Dredd with Pa Angel to render him more co-operative.

Following fruitless stop in the town of Oxter (which Mean nearly demolishes in a butt fight gone wrong), they head for the Tulsa Melts. Here they encounter the Mutancheros, a gang of mutant scavengers now in possession of the judge clones and the Liberace treasures. Dredd and Mean attack the gang, melt their glasseen hideout and manage to recover four of the five judge clones.

Mean's brain surgery finally fails and he recognizes Dredd for who he is. Feeling that he owes Mean for the mission's success, Dredd subdues him in the ensuing melee by shooting out his legs. The pair is then rescued by the Texas city judges.


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