Earth was a planet[1] in the Third Quadrant of the galaxy[2].

By the year 1990 all marine life had become extinct. A team of marine biologists worked at the bottom of the deepest ocean to create Crusta-Supra 1. By 1998 over 20,000,000 Crusta-Supras ambled across the sea beds[3].

In the year 2178 Elizabeth XII was Queen of Earth Zone 4[1].

Mitch and Tex left the planet in an experimental warp drive survey ship and in the space of fifty years (to them seeming like four years) travelled full circle, during which time germ warfare had reduced humans to zombies[2].

By the 23rd century the planet was severely overcroweded[4].

Notable Residents


Mankind was wiped out in World War Ten, leaving just a robot, Combat Model CPX-9 and a mongrel dog alive[5].


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