Map of Emerald Isle, art by Steve Dillon

Emerald Isle was a landmass located off of the Brit-Cit West Coast. It had previously been known as Erin, Eire and Ireland.

It had a population of 20,000,000.

A Judge Militia enforced the law. As of 2113 they were not affiliated to the Judicial Charter.


In 2070 there was a negligible link to Brit-Cit, but despite neutrality and minor physical damage the island was affected by radiation from the Atomic Wars.

By 2095 Brit-Aid grants provided by Brit corporations in return for government influence the reclamation was complete. The Brit corps developed Emerald Isle as a theme park, emphasizing stereotypical images from Ireland's past, including Seamus O'Tuber, a leprechaun mascot.


  • Hab-villages
  • Synthi-stout
  • Greenjacket tour guides


Judge Dredd: Emerald Isle, 2000AD Prog 727 to Prog 732.