Part One[1]Edit

In 2113 the Emerald Isle Ambassador and his robot chauffeur were shot by the terrorist group the Sons of Erin using a spud gun. After a Pat-Wagon discovers the body the Judges review Spy-in-the-Sky footage and discover that Bonny Staples, a Mega-City One blitzer had aided the terrorist group. McGruder called in Dredd to go to the Emerald Isle to investigate and to take care to be diplomatic, as she was trying to get the Emerald Isle Judge Militia to sign up to the Judicial Charter.

Part Two[2]Edit

After a ten-hour ride, Dredd arrived in Emerald Isle where he partnered with Judge-Sergeant Joyce. Meanwhile, Staples had convinced the Sons of Erin to increase the violence of their campaign for independence.

Part Three[3]Edit

At The Green Dolphin pub, Dredd and Joyce apprehended the Mahone brothers. Back at Justice Central they questioned them but don't uncover any fresh information.

Part Four[4]Edit

Bloody Monday Morn: at 06:30 on 12 May 2113 devices exploded at a number of Murphyville locations including the Spudatoriums, docks, Hab-villages and Telemurph vid station (though a device at the Guinness brewery failed to explode). In the wake of the confusion, a minute later the Sons of Erin attacked.

Part Five[5]Edit

Led by Dredd, the Judges took back the vid station building, though discovered that Neeson had been hypnotised to act as a decoy for Staples.

Part Six[6]Edit

On the way to the North Sector Spudatorium, Dredd runs over the remnants of St Stephen's Green. Escaping from Dredd, Staples was cornered by Joyce. Dredd managed to shoot him, toppling him away from Joyce before the blitzer could explode.

The tourist industry (and thus the Emerald Isle economy) shattered, Dredd left for the Atlantic Flyover.




Map of the Emerald Isle, with the Emerald Isle Atlantic Bridge leading to Murphyville






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Behind the ScenesEdit

Emerald Isle was written by Irishman Garth Ennis who used the story to play with stereotypical and derogatory images of Ireland.

It represents the first time that Ennis and Dillon (who would later collaborate on Hellblazer and Preacher for DC Comics) worked together[7].


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