Filmore Faro discovered Pa Angel in the Texas City Radlands on his way to the Neutron Flats east of Memphis. Faro took Angel to St Angelo[1].

Later YearsEdit

Filmore Faro, the Garbage King, made millions from his Garbage Mines. Rich collectors paid huge sums for 20th century rubbish, regarded as antiques. Filmore's henchmen, the Brotherhood of Trash were a gang of thugs who acquired the slaves to work the mines. Filmore, believing himself a descendant of the Pharoahs, spent his fortune having slaves build monuments to him in the Cursed Earth. While hunting the Judge Child, Judge Dredd liberated the slaves, causing Filmore's downfall.

2000 AD and Filmore Faro copyright Rebellion Developments Ltd A/S 2019


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