Flesh was one of the original line-up of strips to appear in 2000AD.

By the 23rd century mankind had destroyed most animals on Earth, living instead on synthetic foods. With the invention of time travel corporations could hire hardened cowboys to travel back to the prehistoric era to round up dinosaurs for their meat.

The series concentrates on man's attempts to use technology to control nature, and nature's tendency to overcome them.

The series has returned quite often over the years, as well as having related characters appear in other strips.

Recurring Characters[]

Earl Reagan[]

Reagan was the original trail boss, in charge of the herders in Book One. He is imprisoned for his part in the destruction of the Trans-Time base, but returns in Badlanders.

Claw Carver[]

'Claw' Carver is an ex-trail boss, who had used the proceeds from that to construct his own town named Carver City. He had lost his hand in a fight with a deinonychus, but killed it and replaced his missing hand with one of the dinosaur's claws. He had a daughter, Vegas Carver

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