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Part One[2][]

Lee Bonham, a comic fan, found out that the local comic shop proprietor possessed the address of the creator of his favourite comic, Gunheadz. Initially refusing, the proprietor took a bribe to allow Bonham to acquire the address.

He visited the house of Maurice Aitken to a hostile reception, though convinced Aitken to sell him some original artwork. Whle Aitken fetched the art, Bonham stumbled across his secret, the real-life Sgt Howitzer.

Part Two[3][]

Bonham discovered that Sgt Howitzer had been responsible for some murders, along with the other Gunheadz.

Away from Howitzer, Aitken explained to Bonham that his father, Alan Aitken had been an army scientist who had developed the Gunheadz genetic programme. Running over budget, the army had pushed Alan Aitken into several field tests too early, which had resulted in civilian deaths.

The army wanted to end the programme, including terminating the Gunheadz. Aitken had escaped with the Gunheadz and his out with them and his son. Aitken's son had had to finish off some or all of the Gunheadz, due to their increasing instability until Sgt Howitzer is the final one remaining.

While Bonham is receiving this exposition, Howie found and read the copy of the comic which had been left in his bedroom.

Part Three[4][]

Science Office Aitken had worked for the government at the end of World War II and was sent to gather top-secret research from Nazi scientists, including genetic experiments to create human biological weapons. During his childhood, Maurice Aitken had been placated with comics by his absent father, which inspired him to create his own comics based on his father's private papers. Aitken senior used these comics to create codenames for the experimental soldiers.

Driven psychotic by the discoveries, Howie set fire to the barn holding all that remained of the elder Aitken's work. In the struggle, Aitken and Howie killed each other.


  • Bazooka Joe
  • Mowser
  • Sgt Howitzer / 'Howie'
  • Lady Winchester
  • Akay
  • Popcon
  • Lee Bonham
  • Maurice Aitken
  • Alan Aitken
  • The Black Rat (referred to), fictional character


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