Harlem Heroes was one of the original stories to appear in 2000AD Prog 1. It was set in the year 2050.


Part OneEdit

On their way from their victory in the preliminary round of the World Aeroball Championship, the Harlem Heroes road-liner's power-unit cut out, caused it to crash and killed all but four of the team. When Giant, Slim and Hairy visited the chronically injured Louis in hospital to say goodbye, he encouraged them to rebuild the squad so that they could win the championship in honour of their dead teammates[1].

Part Two[2]Edit

A veteran aeroball player interrupted the Heroes training and demonstrated that, with the latest medical advances, the hip injury which had forced him out of the game no longer held him back.

The five visited the Sky-Slums, where they discovered a reckless kid whom Giant had to rescue when his illegal home-made jet-pack over-heated.

Two Heroes who had transferred to another team requested a transfer back, completing the rebuilt squad.

Part Three[3]Edit

Finding out that the team they were playing against consisted of police, Zack broke formation. King managed to stop the Bulls from scoring, but at the cost of going to the penalty pen. Still hot-headed, Zack proceeded to gain a foul before crashing in to a TV camera boom.

Part Four[4]Edit

Hairy and Giant dove down to rescue Zack. While in the pits Baltimore scored as Giant had not called a time-out. Returning to the game, Zack was chastised by Giant and played better. During half-time Giant took a call from Louis which suggested that the crash was sabotage.

Part Five[5]Edit

The Heroes managed to win in the second half. As they left the stadium Ulysses Cord approached them and gave them a superliner so that they could win the World Championship.

Part Six[6]Edit

While the Heroes travelled via the Trans-Atlantic Tunnel to Moscow they trained some new recruits in the gym. Louis has joined them in the medic-room, still convinced that the crash was sabotaged. When they arrived in Moscow they travelled over Red Square, seeing thousands of Russians out to greet them on their way to the aeroball stadium. They quickly realise that the Wolves do not care about their own safety in the game.

Part Seven[7]Edit

After a few Wolves seriously injured themselves trying to stop them, the Heroes equalised, but then Giant found his jetpack malfunction. He ejected it at a great height and was left falling.

Part Eight[8]Edit

Giant, his fall broken by a Wolf, was caught by Slim. Winning the game, the Heroes returned to the States. Meanwhile, surgeons had finished operating on Gruber, bringing him back as a cyborg.

Part Nine[9]Edit

Cord had a million dollar side-bet with Teegarten that the Heroes would win their next league game. Gruber, positioned high among the cliff-dwellers prepared to shoot Giant.

Part Ten[10]Edit

Gruber's blast hits Giant's opponent, though grazes his cheek too. Zanies spotted Gruber the next time he tried to take a shot, his handler told him to make for the Mashers' pits.

Part Eleven[11]Edit

Having found a jetpack, Gruber took to the air. Sammy is injured, forcing him out of aeroball. Despite a thousand-dollar bonus the Mashers are outflown by the angered Heroes.

Part Twelve[12]Edit

The Heroes started their match against the Scotsmen.

Part Thirteen[13]Edit

The Heroes did not fair well against the Scotsmen.

Part Fourteen[14]Edit

Six points down at half-time (which no team had ever recovered from), the Heroes equalised after a pep talk from Louis.

Part Fifteen[15]Edit

Zack won a sudden death play off against Red, winning and gaining Red's respect.

Part Sixteen[16]Edit

Gruber killed the Gargoyle squad-leader, taking his place.

Part Seventeen[17]Edit

The Gargoyle match began.

Part EighteenEdit

Gruber's first attempt on Giant hits team-mate Floyd instead. His second attempt kills Chico. As the game resumed, Gruber attached a limpet mine to the ball and threw it towards Giant[18].

Part Nineteen[19]Edit

Giant let the ball go to a sub, who was immediately killed by the bomb. The Heroes started to play dirty, eventually fighting among themselves, in public.

Part Twenty[20]Edit

Louis intervened, now mobilised by a self-propulsion unit. Giant and King uncovered the identity of Gruber. Exposed, Gruber revealed a grenade.

Part Twenty One[21]Edit

Zack threw the ball at Gruber's face and caused him to drop the grenade. The Gargoyle's held Gruber and attempted to kill him, destroying themselves in the process. Gruber was reactivated by a cardiac boost as he headed to the crematorium, escaping where he was picked up by an ambulance.

Part Twenty Two[22]Edit

The Heroes went to Tokyo, Cord tried to convince them to play more violently and the Heroes started their match against the Blades.

Part Twenty Three[23]Edit

One Blade sacrificed his place in the game to block a 120-mile-an-hour power-throw from Giant. Another Blade sacrificed his life so the team could bring on their substitutes. Cord tried to convince the Heroes to take more risks, but Louis intimidated him.

Part Twenty Four[24]Edit

Louis had reproduced a recent incident involving Gruber merely by thinking about it and caused Cord to faint. The Heroes feign fear to put the Blades off-guard.

Part Twenty Five[25]Edit

After their jet-packs went missing from the Heroes stadium, Cord replaced them.

Part Twenty Six[26]Edit

Many Heroes were put in the pits by the Titans. Cord is afraid Giant's jetpack was going to explode when it started smoking.

Part Twenty Seven[27]Edit

Giant forced a confession from Cord, who thought the Heroes were making the game too fair and wanted more violence to improve viewing figures. In the last throw of the match, Hairy and King were killed, though Zack rebound the ball and won the championship for the Heroes.







Aeroball TeamsEdit



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