I'm-Walter-Try-Me was a low-grade model of robot which developed an irritating defect in its speech circuits in the year 2099[2].

After the war he was granted freedom by Chief Judge Clarence Goodman and awarded a pleasure circuit. He renounced his freedom to become the roboservant of Judge Joe Dredd, against Dredd's wishes[3].

Dredd did not hesitate to shoot through Walter when a bank robber held the robot hostage[3].

I'm-Walter-Try-Me was in love with Rowena[4].

Walter was manufactured by Global Dynamics Corporation (Robotic Division)[1].

A blue print of the droid was published in Mega-Mechanix monthly in March 2100[1].

Walter was constructed at Space Lab 2 in Luna-1 by the Interglobal Hardware Company, along with his brother, Gus[5].


  • head video screen unit with cybo-optic eyes and instant cine camera was manufactured by Sony[1]
  • juke box and tape recorder by Bang and Olufsen[1]
  • voice box by British Leymek[1].
  • wrist unit was interchangeable, with tin opener/knife-sharpener, water hose, power scissors and vacuum cleaner (by Hoover) attachments[1].
  • micro wave oven
  • synthi-caf dispenser
  • washing/drying up unit
  • hot and cold air conditioner
  • ash tray