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Ian Kennedy is a Scottish comic artist who has worked for D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd, Amalgamated Press and I.P.C. Magazines.

His first published work was as a trainee illustrator in the art department at D.C. Thompson[1], inking the black squares in the weekly Sunday Post crossword.

He worked at Amalgamated Press's Knockout from 1953 and worked as a freelance artist for D.C. Thompson again from 1955.

In the 1950s he mainly illustrated war comics, but switched to science fiction in the 1970s.

Kennedy mainly works in acrylic paint when producing cover art, including those for the annual RAF Leuchars Air Show's programmes.

Kennedy went into semi-retirement in 1997[1] but has drawn covers and features for Commando from 2012.


2000AD work[]

Associated work[]

  • The Amstor Computer - Eagle
  • Dan Dare
    • Untitled (DD Annual 1979)
    • Return of the Mekon
    • The Dare Report
    • Fireflight
  • Ro-Busters - Starlord
  • Timequake - Starlord

Other work[]

  • Thriller Picture Library[1]
  • Battle Picture Weekly[1]
  • Commando[1]
  • Blake's 7[1]
  • Buster
    • Jeff Craig Detective
  • Wizard
    • Tiger McTaggart
    • Typhoon Tennyson