Inferno is a Harlem Heroes story. It is the second story in the Harlem Heroes arc and sees the Heroes move from playing Aeroball to playing Inferno.


Part One[]

After watching an Inferno match, Giant is persuaded to join Slim and Zack into making a guest appearance for the Washington Wolves in their next match. However, the trio are underprepared for the new rules and make a number of rookie mistakes, causing the Wolvesto go behind and the crowd the lose faith with them.[1]

Part Two[]

The three pick themselves up and start to play using their old style and are soon running rings around their opponents, eventually winning 39-13. Two men watching the game, Mr. Chubb and Mr. Torso, talk about getting the Wolves to throw their next match in order to clean up with the bookmakers.[2]

Part Three[]

Torso & Chubb threaten Charlie Vance, the Wolves coach, and he agrees to making sure they lose their next game. Before the game starts he hands out salt-gum to the players, but Giant offers Slim and Zack some gum he'd been saving from their old days with the Heroes and they chew that instead. As the match gets underway, one of their bikers starts to hallucinate and crashes.[3]

Part Four[]

The game continues and all the other Wolves players start to suffer the same problems. Only Giant, Slim and Zack remain unaffected. Giant realises it must be the salt-gum causing the problems. Meanwhile Vance has planted cash in their lockers to make them appear involved.[4]

Part Five[]

With only three players left able to continue, the Wolves are forced too concede the game. Giant confronts Vance about the gum and threatens to have it analysed. Vance pulls out a gun and flees outside to his heli-car. When he goes to start it though, it explodes. The investigators find traces of a bomb in the wreckage, and analysis of the gum finds it was laced with drugs. However, they also find the bundles of cash in the Heroes' lockers, and Giant, Zack and Slim are accused of colluding with Vance.[5]

Part Six[]

The case against the Heroes cannot be proven due to the lack of evidence, but the local population have all turned against them. Since no other team will touch them now, they decide to form their own. They find Rip Venner, an ex-Judge, participating in a sky-scramble, where competitors race bikes through condemned buildings. Rip agrees to consider joining their team. Giant says they can convert their old aeroball stadium into an inferno venue. Just then, an alien-looking figure approaches with a jet-pack.[6]

Part Seven[]

The mysterious figure is Louis Meyer, last seen as a brain in a jar. Now his brain has been implanted into a new android body. Two more bikers arrive - 'Junk' Jackson, former Wolves squad-leader, and T.J. Cash, his young mechanic. They also need a goalkeeper or 'cave-man', so they pick up Moody Bloo, another survivor of the previous game. They enter their new team under the name Harlem Hellcats, and are placed in the bottom division, with an opening game against Shafer's Sickles. The Sickles are a dirty, violent team, with fans to match.[7]

Part Eight[]

The Sickles try to wind up the Hellcats before the game starts to good effect. Once the game begins, the Hellcats are disorganised and sloppy and quickly go behind.[8]

Part Nine[]

By playing as a team, the Hellcats win the game, but the fans accuse them of cheating, like they believe they did before. Louis tells them they'll need to prove their innocence before they'll be accepted and points them towards a particular casino to start looking.[9]

Part Ten[]

At the casino they show the owner, Mr. Cullen, a picture of Vance, but he claims not to know him. Later they find a picture of the two of them talking, and go back in search of Cullen to confront him. Meanwhile, Moody Bloo is trying on of the side attractions, but accidentally breaks it, then smashes an android bouncer that tries to throw him out. In the confusion, Cullen runs into another attraction and the Hellcats follow. The attraction uses 3D images to make people think they are in a meteor storm.[10]

Part Eleven[]


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Recurring Characters[]

John 'Giant' Clay[]

Giant is the leader of the Harlem Hellcats Inferno team, and one of the original players from the Harlem Heroes Aeroball team.

Louis Mayer[]

Louis is one of the original players in the Harlem Heroes Aeroball team. Only his brain survived a crash that decimated the original team. A new body is built to replace his old one.

Zack Harper[]

Zack Harper is a Harlem Hellcat, and one of the players from the Harlem Heroes Aeroball team.

Slim Shafto[]

Slim is a Harlem Hellcat, and one of the original players from the Harlem Heroes Aeroball team.

Other Characters[]


Hammond is a bikeman with the Washington Wolves[1].


MacLean is a bikeman with the New York Aces[1].

Benny Meyer[]

Benny Meyer is a bikeman with the New York Aces[1].

Charlie Vance / Don Wepner[]

Don Wepner is introduced in Part 1 as the manager of the Washington Wolves[1], however, just two issues later, his name has changed to Charlie Vance[3].

Terry Murphy[]

Terry Murphy is a bikeman with the Baltimore Bullets[2].

Mr. Chubb & Mr. Torso[]

Mr. Chubb and Mr. Torso are a pair of hoods involved with a gambling syndicate who intimidate Vance into rigging the Wolves next game[2].

Lannie Morris[]

Lannie Morris is a bikeman with the Washington Wolves[3].

Moody Bloo[]

Moody Bloo is the cave-man, first with the Washington Wolves, then with the Harlem Hellcats[4].

'Junk' Jackson[]

'Junk' Jackson is a bikeman, first with the Washington Wolves as captain, then with the Harlem Hellcats[4].

Artie Groat[]

Artie Groat is a flier with the Rochville Rockets[4].


Robinson is a bikeman with the Washington Wolves[4].

Rip Venner[]

Rip Venner is an ex-Judge, and a bikeman with the Harlem Hellcats[6].


Nolan is a bike racer, involved in sky-scrambling[6].

T.J. Cash[]

T.J. Cash is a mechanic and bikeman with the Harlem Hellcats[7].

Ernie Shafer[]

Ernie Shafer is the captain of Shafer's Sickles[8].

Nat Cullen[]

Nat Cullen is the manager at the Crystal Maze casino[10].


Ike operates the Inferno game at the Crystal Maze casino[10].




Sports Teams[]

Arts and Culture[]




Science and Technology[]





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