Jim Campbell was first attracted to lettering by the work of Dave Gibbons, whose name appeared twice in the Dan Dare credit box in 2000AD Prog 104[1].

Campbell lettered on and off as a hobby until he realised he was getting paid as much for his lettering as for his day job, around his 40th birthday[2].

Campbell is inspired by the artist-drawn sound effects of Dave Gibbons, Alan Davis and Arthur Ranson. He also admires the work of Steve Potter and Tom Frame[2].


  • Inspectre (written with Kev Walker (Megazine 3.23 - Megazine 3.33)
  • Hoax Hunters
  • Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht
  • Department of Monsterology (by Gordon Rennie and PJ Holden)
  • Violent! (Action tribute fanzine, 1999)
  • Dæmonifuge (writer with Kev Walker for Games Workshop's Black Library)
  • Superior Charity Special


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