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John Wagner is a comic writer who was born in the USA and moved to Scotland in his childhood. He is currently 2000AD's most prolific contributor, having contributed two and a half thousand scripts to 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine (even though there haven't been that many issues published yet)[1].

Wagner regrets killing off some of the characters he created so readily, and would think longer about doing the same again[2].

He prefers to write his own characters, feeling more comfortable writing to his own rules[2].


2000AD work[]

Megazine work[]

Associated work[]

  • Batman/Judge Dredd
  • Bogie Man - Toxic!
  • House of Daemon - Eagle
  • Dan Dare - Eagle
  • The Fists of Danny Pyke - Eagle
  • Darkie's Mob - Battle Picture Weekly
  • Judge Dredd - Dice Man
  • Judge Dredd - Legends of the Law
  • Judge Dredd - Lawman of the Future
  • Judge Dredd - Audio dramas
  • Joe Soap - Eagle
  • Lobo/Judge Dredd
  • Manix - Eagle
  • Good morning, Sheldon, I love you! - Starlord
  • Earn big money while you sleep! - Starlord
  • The Vampires New Year - Toxic!
  • Predator vs. Judge Dredd
  • Gil Hazzard - Codename Scorpio - Eagle
  • Strontium Dog - Starlord

Other work[]

  • Cor!!
  • Whizzer and Chips
  • Valiant
    • Yellow Knife of the Year[2] (with Pat Mills)
    • One-Eyed Jack[2]
    • Soldier Sharp
  • Jet
    • Partridge's Patch (with Pat Mills)
  • Tammy
    • School for Snobs[2] (with Pat Mills)
    • Bella at the Bar
  • Lion
    • The Can-Do Kids
  • Sandie
    • Jeannie and her Uncle Meanie
  • Battle Picture Weekly
    • Rat Pack
    • D-Day Dawson
    • Invasion 1984 (as R. Clark, with Alan Grant)
  • Roy of the Rovers
    • Dan Harker's War (with Alan Grant)
  • Marvel
    • Doctor Who Weekly (with Pat Mills and Dave Gibbons)
    • The Chronicles of Genghis Grimtoad (with Alan Grant and Ian Gibson)
    • The Last American (with Alan Grant and Mike McMahon)
  • DC Comics
    • Outcasts (with Alan Grant and Cam Kennedy)
    • Chain Gang War
    • Bob, the Galactic Bum (with Alan Grant and Carlos Ezquerra)
    • A History of Violence (with Vince Locke)
  • Dark Horse Comics
    • Star Wars
    • Aliens
    • Xena: Warrior Princess
  • The Crow


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