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José Ortiz Moya was a Spanish artist who was born in Caragena, Murcia in Spain on 1 September 1932 and was sometimes known as Jaimie Ortiz.

Prior to working for 2000AD , Ortiz worked in the comics industry in the USA and Spain. Since working for 2000AD, he has worked in Italy.

Reports say he died on either Monday 20[1] or Thursday 23[2] December 2013 at the age of 81.




  • The Tower King (with Alan Hebden )
  • The House of Daemon (with John Wagner and Alan Grant)
  • The Fifth Horseman: A Thaddius Thorn Story (with Alan Hebden)
  • The Amstor Computer (with B.J. Tomlinson or Alan Hebden)
  • The House of Daemon (with John Wagner and Alan Grant)[3]


  • The Thirteenth Floor

Other workEdit

  • Warren (Eerie)
    • Apocalypse
    • Night of the Jackass
    • Coffin in Eerie
  • Vampirella
    • Pantha
  • Metropol

Creator / co-creatorEdit

  • Ives / Morgan
  • The Thousand Faces of Jack the Ripper
  • Burton & Cyb
  • Juan el Largo
  • Tex Willer (Italian comic)
  • Ken Parker (Italian comic)
  • Magico Vento (Italian comic)
  • Hombre (with Antonio Segura, Cimoc magazine)


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