Judge Death was a story in Judge Dredd (series) which first appeared in 2000AD Prog 149 and introduced Judge Death


Part One[2]Edit

Tiny the Tap, a perp, had escaped from the judges but ran into Judge Death who immediately proceeded to kill him. When his body was discovered the judges on the scene could not find out what killed him, but in the lab the Tech-Judge discovered that there was skin tissue under his nails which was in an advanced state of decomposition, in the order of centuries.

Meanwhile, Death had been attracted to a nightclub by the sounds of life to which he locked the doors. As he concluded masacring the clubbers the judges broke in. Having attacked Judge Ross, Dredd ordered the other judges to open fire. Despite multiple shots, Death proceeded to get up.

Part Two[3]Edit

The judges continued to shoot Death with none of their bullets having any significant effect. After Death attacked another judge, Dredd switched to incendiary and destroyed Death's host body. Death's spirit left the host, promising to cleanse the city in a parting message.

Dredd called in Psi-Division who selected Judge Anderson to make a telepathic link with Death. She managed to act as a medium for Dredd to talk to Death, who imparted some information about his origins and mission in Mega-City One.

Drained from this contact, Anderson retired to her quarters, but before she could get any sleep she encountered Death again, who possessed her receptive mind.

Part Three[4]Edit

Possessed by Death's spirit, Anderson stole Death's body and carried it to a Meat Wagon, where they made their escape. Psi-Division telepaths operating out of the Hall of Justice managed to pick up messages from Anderson revealing her location, and a clue: Boing.

Dredd's squad followed her through the city based on Psi-Division information where he cornered Death and Anderson alone in a sealed room as Death is trying to heal his burnt body with dead fluids. Anderson managed to regain control of her body for long enough for Dredd to encase her in Boing, trapping Death's spirit in Anderson's body.

Boing cutters were used to shape the cocoon and Anderson was placed in the Hall of Heroes.







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