Judge Dredd: Mega-Collection spine artwork

Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection is a partwork collection of selected stories from the first 38 years of Judge Dredd stories, published by Hachette Partworks with content chosen by Matt Smith. It was distributed to newsagents and available by subscription. The subscription features free gifts with the first four issues[1] (note that the timescale for subscription gifts below are based on starting the subscription with issue 1, and gifts were only available for subscribers starting with issues 1, 2 or 3). Its release was backed by a dedicated website, TV advert and podcast series.

The initial 80-issue hardback series features artwork on the spines which builds up into a single image. The volumes are released out of sequence, so that Issue 2 is equal to Volume 24[2].

In Summer 2017, Hachette announced that a further 10 volumes would be issued following popular demand. These will be volumes 81-90. Like the main collection, these will not be released in sequence order (for example, the first one to be published, as issue 81, was Book 85). The artwork on the spines continued to form a continuing image from the first 80 volumes; however a revised volume 80 was issued free of charge to subscribers, as the artwork between volume 80 and volume 81 did not match up.

Issue one was published in January 2015, with the final (90th) issue being published in June 2018.

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  1. Included in Volume 4 was the story The Dead Man - this was a mini-series originally published in progs 650-662, separate from the Judge Dredd story in each prog
  2. n the volume, 'Bloodline' was shown as Originally published in 2000 AD Progs 650-662 instead of the correct value of 583-584
  3. The artwork on the story Tale of the Dead Man was credited to Will Simpson, however the last three parts were drawn by Jeff Anderson
  4. In the volume, 'Trial by Fury' was shown as Originally published in Judge Dredd Megazine 3.30-3.23 instead of the correct value of 3.30-3.33
  5. In the volume, 'Lawcon' was shown as Originally published in 2000 AD Progs 3.76-3.79 instead of the correct value of Judge Dredd Megazine 3.76-3.79
  6. In the volume, 'Persistent Vegetative State' was shown as Originally published in Judge Dredd Megazine 4.12-4.13 instead of the correct value of 2000 AD progs 1726-1727
  7. The Mega-Rackets were a series of inter-related Judge Dredd stories which ran in 2000AD from Prog 209 to Prog 223


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