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Judge Dredd Megazine is an ongoing comic, originally published by IPC Magazines but now published by Rebellion.


There have been five volumes, the second to fourth restarting numbering from one, and the fifth continuing from 201 (the number it would have been on if there had never been any renumbering)[1].

The Megazine is currently published monthly, though at times in the past has been published fortnightly.

Printing FormatEdit

Changes in megazine sizes [2]
Meg numberdimensions in mmdimensions in inches
1:1 to 2:9200 x 3008 x 11.75
2:10 to 3:38230 x 3009 x 11.75
3:39 to 3:63210 x 3008.25 x 11.75
3:64 to 3:79230 x 3009 x 11.75
4:1 to 4:18195 x 3007.75 x 11.75
201 to present210 x 2808.25 x 11

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