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Judge Joe Dredd was a Mega-City One Judge who lived in Rowdy Yates apartment block, with a cleaning lady, Maria[2].

Dredd was born in 2066[3].

In 2099 he had been assigned to Sector 6, during which time crime rates had fallen drastically[4].

Towards the end of 2099, he was appointed to be Judge-Marshal of Luna-1[5]

Joe was one of two Judge Dredds, the other being his clone brother, Rico Dredd[6].

Dredd was on the honour roll for the class of 2079[7]. On passing out day Joe came second, after his brother[6].

Dredd's death was announced in 2099[3].

Dredd was the first person to outdraw a Robo-slinger[8].

Dredd was  a senior judge, Street Division [9].

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According to Matt Smith, Dredd at age 70 can 'probably function' in the same way as a 40-year-old in the present era, due to advances in medicine and cybernetic advancements[10].

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