Judge Whitey [1] was the first Judge Dredd story to be published in 2000AD, appearing in Prog 2.


In 2099, Whitey, leader of a criminal gang holed up in the Empire State Building, killed a judge and sent him back to Justice HQ on the back of his lawmaster on automatic. The Chief Judge was going to send an air squad to blow up the building before Dredd suggested that it would create greater respect for the law if a single judge arrested them.

Dredd sent his bike on automatic with the siren activated to distract them while he entered through the door. Shooting both of Whitey's gang members, Dredd captured Whitey and sentenced him to life on Devil's Island.

Recurring Characters[]

Judge Dredd[]

Dredd is a Judge in Mega-City One. He patrols the streets and dispenses justice with total impartiality. He IS the Law.

Judge Alvin[]

Alvin is a street Judge. He gets killed by Whitey[1].

Grand Judge[]

Although not directly named here, this is presumably Chief Judge Goodman (see Real World section)

Other Characters[]

William 'Whitey' Logan[]

Whitey is a perp who is holed up in the Empire State Building. He kills Judge Alvin before being captured by Dredd and sentenced to life on Devil's Island[1].




  • Laser cannon



Real World[]

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Though developed by John Wagner, the first episode of Judge Dredd to be published was written by Peter Harris though, as with all of the early 2000AD stories, was heavily rewritten by Mills and Gosnell[2]. As the first published Judge Dredd story many concepts were still being developed, thus Chief Judge Goodman was referred to as Grand Judge and Sector 6 was referred to as Section 6. This story featured the second appearance of Judge Dredd, as he had appeared in an advert in the previous week's Prog.