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Kevin O'Neill was born in South London in 1953. He worked as an office boy at Buster in the early 1970s. Other people who worked in editorial at IPC Magazines at the time included Dez Skinn (who also edited a fanzine called Fantasy Advertiser International), Nick Landau and Dave Gibbons. By 1972, O'Neill had drawn for one fanzine called Unicorn and by 1973, O'Neill had drawn a comic shop advert which appeared in Fantasy Advertiser International. Around the same time his artwork also appeared in Cor!! comic.

He followed Dez Skinn to a series of monthly poster magazines called Legend Horror Classics, providing covers and sometimes interior strips[1].

O'Neill worked as an assistant to Jan Shepheard, the original art editor of 2000AD. He enjoyed working on the title, even when Jan offered him the position of art editor of Starlord[2].



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