The Lawgiver was the name given to the weapon of the Mega-City One Judges and other Judge forces, including those in Calhab[1].

Mega-City One[]

The Mega-City One version was in use as early as 2080[2]. It was visually distinctive for the selection dial enabling the user to override the onboard computer and select from a range of ammunition types[3].

The Lawgiver was programmed to accept only its owner's palm-print. If an unauthorised person tried to use it, an explosive charge would detonate, either killing or maiming the person[4][5].

The viewfinder had a minimum range of 200mm and zoom facility increase to 2,000 mm for long range and could track target types (human, armoured human, light machine, heavy machine or human and machine), velocity rating, magazine level indicator and shell identity (GP, RR, I, AP, G and HE)[3].

Shell Types[]

It was equipped with the following types of ammunition:

  • GP: General Purpose[5], propelled by Argon 88 b, maximum range 3 miles[3]
  • RR: dodgems / rubber ricochet[6], can be effective against armoured humans[3]
  • I: Incendiary, effective against light machine[3]
  • AP: Armour Piercing, effective against light machine[3]
  • G: Grenade, effective against heavy machine[3]
  • HE: high explosive[7], effective against human and machine[3]
  • heatseeker[5] / hot shot - introduced shortly before Christmas 2098[8] up to five stored in each glove pouch, the hot shot fitted on to the end of the barrel and was propelled by GP shell[3]


  • Flash strobe head, stored in the boot pocket of the left leg[3]

Mark Two Lawgiver[]


A completely black Mark II Lawgiver

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It was equipped with the following type of ammunitions:

Mark Three Lawgiver prototype[]

Judge Joe Dredd took the Mark Three on field trials in 2136[9]. Its voice recognition response time was eight hundredths of a second faster than the Mark Two. It was felt that the hotshot was too indiscriminate, so the round was switched for the electro-shock stunner as standard issue.


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