The Lawmaster was the standard issue personal verhicle for Judges. A high-spec motorcycle, they were computer-controlled and could operate independently of their riders.

The Lawmaster was used at least as early as the year 2080[1] and was still in use in 2137[2].


By 2089 it was equipped with bike cannons[3].

By 2099 the bike was equipped with a street-scanner[4].

It was equipped with a Synitron GK 13 audio computer, an infra-red beam and Cyclops TX laser cannon[5]. The computer was able to impart information to Judges and to return to Justice HQ for reassignment alone[6].

The infra-red beam could pick up recent footprints, allowing Judges to track perps[7][6].

By 2137, due to Chaos Day shortages, ten per cent of Lawmasters were equipped with rubber bullets as Riot Foam and H-wagons were not so readily available[2]

On-Board ComputerEdit

The on-board computer could access information from Justice Central, including video pictures, voice prints and other identifying features of perps, which were then viewed on the computer screen.

The Lawmaster's on-board computer could be used to track suspects[8]. It could also raise objections if it calculated that its rider was making an unwise decision[8].

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Worlds of 2000ADEdit

Equipped with the Cyclops Laser, bike cannon and the Lawrod[9].

Behind the ScenesEdit

Though appearing in the initial promotional picture in 2000AD Prog 1 and the first panel of Judge Dredd to be published, it was not named until Prog 3.


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