The following is a complete list of all the stories published in the occasional series Tharg's Future Shocks:[1]

2000AD ProgsEdit

Progs 1-100Edit

Progs 101-200Edit

Progs 201-300Edit

Progs 301-400Edit

Progs 401-500Edit

Progs 501-600Edit

Progs 601-700Edit

Progs 701-800Edit

Progs 801-900Edit

Progs 901-1000Edit

Progs 1001-1200Edit

Progs 1201-1300Edit

Progs 1301-1400Edit

Progs 1401-1500Edit

Progs 1501-1600Edit

Progs 1601-1700Edit

Progs 1701-1800Edit

Progs 1801-1900Edit

Progs 1901-2000Edit

Progs 2001-2100 Edit

  • Alt Life (Prog 2049)
  • An Inconvenient Tooth (Prog 2079)
  • The Puppet (Prog 2080)
  • Talk's Cheap (Prog 2099)

Progs 2101-Present Edit

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