M.A.C.H.1 was one of the starting line-up of stories in 2000AD Prog 1.

M.A.C.H. was an acronym for Man Activated by Comp-puncture Hyperpower, and M.A.C.H.1 was the codename for John Probe, an agent of the British government. An experimental treatment known as compu-puncture had been used on him to give him huge strength and speed, and computer circuitry had been hard-wired into his brain to help him control the extra power.

The strip centred around Probe's missions. For its first six months or so, each week featured a new self-contained mission. Although after that, the stories started to span 2-4 progs each. As the strip went on, Probe was seen to doubt the motives of his boss, Sharpe, and became openly hostile towards him. This culminated in a final reckoning between the two of them.

The strip was clearly heavily influenced and inspired by the 1970s TV show The Six Million Dollar Man which was very popular in 1977, when the strip began.

It was reprinted in the relaunched Eagle comic in the 1980s[1]

Main Characters Edit

John Probe Edit

Probe was the main protagonist of the strip. A government agent technologically imbued with extreme speed and strength, and with a computer in his brain.

Sharpe Edit

Sharpe was Probe's boss in the Secret Service and in charge of the experimental compu-puncture process.


M.A.C.H.0 was the result of a previous foray into compu-puncture experimentation. He didn't have the computer in his brain that Probe had, and the process had driven him mad. The government had been holding him captive, but he escaped to go in search of his family.

List of StoriesEdit


  1. Down the Tubes
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