Manta Prowl Tank

The Manta Prowl Tank was a heavily armed and armoured Mega-City One Justice Department street-level anti-grave craft brought in to service on the streets of Mega-City One in November 2105[1] intended as a replacement for the Mark 4 Pat-Wagon[1].

In 2105 / 2106, contraband Manta Prowl Tanks were still considered to be new and could be purchased for 60,000 creds[2][3].


  • maximum street speed: 500 Kph[2] in busy street conditions[1]
  • span: 15 metres (21 with fins extended)[2]
  • length: 37 metres[2]
  • height: 10 metres[2]
  • crew: 18[2]
  • radio and radar room[2]
  • med bay[2]
  • holding pen[2]
  • searchlights[2]
  • Stumm Gas and Riot Foam control[2][1]
  • las turret[2] equipped with Peterson high-intensity laser cannon[1]
  • forward bay with complement for four bikes and bay control[2]
  • forward lasers[2]
  • con dome[2][1]
  • radio tower[2]
  • spotlights[2]
  • stabiliser hydraulics and fins[2]
  • A.J.L. Thrust tubes[2]


The experimental model of the Manta was piloted by Judge Larter[4].

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