Mega-City Criminal Code allowed Judges to enter any citizen's home.

Section 59 (C)Edit

Used by Justice Department in Mega-City One in the year 2080[1]. Standard operation procedure was to knock on the door of the citizen and could be carried out by just two judges[2].

Section 59 (D)Edit

Also known as a crime blitz, allowed Judges to enter any citizen's home at any time to carry out routine intensive investigation[3].

Relevant criminal code text[4]:

A judge may enter a citizen's home to carry out routine intensive investigation. The citizen has no rights in the matter.

A crime blitz was more extensive than a crime swoop and would involve a full team of judges[2].

Dredd: The Card GameEdit

Mega-City Criminal Code could be used to gain prestige[5].

2000 AD and Mega-City Criminal Code copyright Rebellion Developments Ltd A/S 2020


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