When Dredd takes down a murder gang, one of the captured perps tries to get time off his sentence by ratting out the gang leader, Mr Buzzz. Dredd reduces his 40 year sentence by a single day, and goes after Mr Buzzz. Mr Buzzz turns out to be an eyeless mutant who can 'see' by listening to the echoes of his constant buzzing, like a bat. Dredd burns down the hotel Buzzz is holed up in, but he escapes. Dredd captures him after deafening him with explosive bullets[1].

Recurring Characters[]

Judge Dredd[]

Dredd is a Judge in Mega-City One. He patrols the streets and dispenses justice with total impartiality. He IS the Law.

Other Characters[]

Mr Buzzz[]

Mr Buzzz is an eyeless mutant who can locate objects using a bat-like radar system[1].


Penal Code[]

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