I am a phantom without shape or form!
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Nemesis was an alien sworn to free humans from the rule of Torquemada and the Terminators.

Many looked to him for deliverance from Tomas de Torquemada's evil regime[2].

After his son, Thoth, gained access to the Black Hole Control Room and destabilised the cosmic spaceways, Nemesis sent the ABC Warriors to repair the damage[2].

His favoured vehicle was Seth, the Blitzspear and his weapon was Excessus, the Sword Sinister.

Nemesis was known by a number of other names:

  • road hog[1]
  • moving accident black spot[1]
  • The Demon Driver[3]
  • The Grand Demon
  • Deviant


Among his characteristics and abilities were:


  • to spit fire balls[3]
  • to spit acid slime balls[3]



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