One in Ten was set in the year 2096.


Part One[1]Edit

In 2096 Cadet Anderson led a team of Psi cadets in a raid on an unlicensed clinic. Alerted by Baroc, Anderson led the cadets down to the basement where unadopted babies had been used for spare parts including hormones and neural tissue.

Part Two[2]Edit

Reading the doctor's mind, Anderson led the cadets to the docks, following their only lead. Getting there as a cargo ship was being loaded, they killed the truck drivers who were resisting arrest before the crane operator drops a bio waste container on them.

Part Three[3]Edit

Part Four[4]Edit

The sleeping cadets found themselves in Vin's dreams. Awaking, they found Calvi had committed suicide, unable to cope with the prospect of a career as a Judge. Enzo reveals that one in ten Psi-Judges commit suicide in their first year, dropping to about one in a hundred each year thereafter.

Part Five[5]Edit

Following the paper trail to and from Texas City, the cadets found that the human meat was being taken to a carnivorous restaurant, where they apprehend Zombini.

Part Six[6]Edit

Reading Zombini's mind, the cadets follow the trail to Malaparte's luxury house.

Part Seven[7]Edit

After a shoot-out with Malaparte, Anderson discovered the cyborg had downloaded his personality to a black box, which she destroyed.







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