Paris was a city in Europe.

John Probe was assigned to take weapons expert Adolf Meisser from Dubrovnik to Paris for a U.N. arms limitations conference. Due to bad weather, he had to take his passenger the 1,289 miles by road[1].

Paris Security called D.I.6 to deal with the Third World Terror Group, who were promptly dealt with by John Probe[2].

An Air-France flight from Madagascar to Paris was skyjacked and flown to Naranga[3].

Prior to 2076 it was part of the E.U.. Due to a resolution passed in that year, it became part of Euro-City[4].

In 2089, nearly twenty years after the Atomic Wars it was still a disaster zone. What aid the French government had received had gone to the mob families. Separatist factions and the mobs stretched police manpower too thinly to deal with the riots. Unlike Mega-City One, citizens and the police in Paris were allowed to smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, eat sugar and gamble[4].

By 2137 the city was in the control of far-right factions and the Paris Mobs[5].


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