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This prog continued the opening stories of Dan DareFlesh and Harlem Heroes. Invasion! began a two-part story on Dartmoor, M.A.C.H.1 had another single-episode story, and Judge Dredd began his first story that would span multiple progs - the eight-episode Robot Wars. This particular episode featured the very first appearance of Walter the Wobot, although he wouldn't develop a lisp until Prog 13 so technically he's Walter the Robot at this point.

It was this Dredd story that featured on the cover, by artist Carlos Ezquerra (his second cover of many, although he wouldn't do another for nearly two years). The back cover featured the third part of the cut-out-and-keep Flesh card game.



Tharg's Rosette of Sirius consisted of implanted sapphires in his forehead, which acted as a tuning module for a sub-space communicator[2]. Tharg's skin was pastel green and grew deeper towards his next skin shedding[2]. He preferred to eat pure Poly-Vinyl-Chloride, which on Earth he found in the form of plastic cups[2].


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