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This prog continued the opening stories of Flesh and Harlem Heroes, as well as the Judge Dredd story Robot Wars. Dan Dare began its second story Hollow WorldInvasion! and M.A.C.H.1 had single-episode stories.

The Mekon makes his first appearance in 2000AD in this prog, and features on the cover, drawn by artist Mike Western (his only cover). The back cover featured a page from the Martian Mirror, an alien newspaper, commemorating the death of Monday in Prog 11.



Tharg eats plastic cups, though has had a supply of PVC from his home planet.[2]

The Dictators of Zrag had sent an armed raiding ship to the Scottish Highlands[2].

Behind the ScenesEdit

The opening pages of Dan Dare are printed in portrait orientation, rather than the usual landscape. The first image from this story would be enlarged and used as the main poster in the Dan Dare Poster Prog, released the following month.


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