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This prog continued the opening stories of Dan DareFlesh and Harlem Heroes. While InvasionM.A.C.H.1and Judge Dredd all had single-episode stories.

The cover featured M.A.C.H.1 for the first time, and was by artist Mike Dorey (his first of three covers). The back cover featured a Futuregraph - a cutaway of the Harlem Heroes' Super Liner.

Super Liner



Tharg has to wear methane converter nose plugs to withstand Earth's poisonous air. There are eight-tentacled females on Tharg's home planet. Tharg has a librarian robot. Tharg left to go to a galactic sales conference on planet Sirius VI . Some letters from the Mercury shuttle were misdirected to the office-ship on Mars[3].

The full address of the Command Module is given as: Tharg, 2000 A.D. King's Reach Tower, Command Module 2012, Stamford Street, London SE1 9LS, England, Nr Europe, Earth, first star part Centauri, Milky Way Galaxy, Continuum No Beta Z.